Le Fil Rouge*

Some people have a lucky number, which could be the day they were born, or a number which won them a prize. Others have a favorite song, which perhaps reminds them of their youth, or of a special moment in their lives. I have a lucky color.

It all started in Nebraska, where the Big Red football team occupied at least a part of my time at University. For those who have been to Nebraska, you will know that RED is ubiquitous. After my studies, I moved to Switzerland, where I worked on drugs affecting the central nervous system. The striking red background of the Swiss flag was ever present.

Soon after, I started working in dermatology, learning first about leprosy, then psoriasis and a lot about pruritus. This interest soon became a passion, which motivated me to join Galderma, a Swiss company, 17 years ago. I found again the dominant red of the Swiss flag in the Texan flag and Texas Rangers ballpark, which were always somewhere in the background of Galderma’s Texan-sized subsidiary.


My passion for dermatology has never waned. I am convinced that, through our commitment to the practice and science of dermatology, we can vastly improve the overall health and quality of people’s lives. The color red is definitely not a welcome presence in the lives of the 40 million rosacea sufferers around the world, but this is an example of where dermatology companies like Galderma can have an impact and relieve not only the suffering experienced by those with skin conditions, but also the embarrassing symptoms, such as facial erythema, which accompany them.

I am much honored to be receiving the Lifetime in Dermatology Achievement Award from the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD), with its bordeaux-colored cover, on the occasion of the Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic & Clinical Conference (ODAC), which is being held in Florida from 17th to 20th January. I will be accepting this award on behalf of the 5,000 Galderma employees worldwide and the thousands of scientists and health care providers who support Galderma in its endeavors. It is thanks to their hard work and unwavering commitment that today Galderma is able to provide medical solutions for people with skin needs. I am proud to be able to shape the future of dermatology with all of them.

I am looking forward to discussing with the practitioners who will be attending the ODAC conference and to sharing my vision of the future of dermatology with them.

*The common thread

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